Ticketed PYO raspberries $12/kg 8am – 11am Friday 10th


You are ‘buying’ entry to a ticketed PYO day (no money will be charged here, you pay on the day), and the amount of fruit you intend to pick. Entry is $5 per party – this covers the fruit that we encourage you to eat while picking (obviously if you turn up with 20 people, we may ask you for more…) and the fruit is $12/kg. We’ve estimated, conservatively, what’s available on the bushes and created a ‘stock level’ based on that – so if you buy a ticket, there will be fruit to pick.

Please make a good estimate on how many KILOGRAMS of fruit you expect your party to pick and add that amount to the cart – the fruit availability is limited and this is how we manage this. Please scroll down for some answers to FAQs around the raspberries, the amount you’ll pick, and so on. Also please watch the video if you haven’t already!

More info available below.

Add your estimated pick (in kg) to the shopping cart here:

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PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN CONTAINERS!  Something with string threaded through them is ideal as you can tie it around your waist and use both hands. We will weigh your containers on entry, so we can calculate what you’ve picked afterwards.

Huh, what am I paying?

You will pay $12 per kilo of fruit you pick, and your party will pay $5 entry. So a family of four that picks 5kg of fruit would pay $65. Note that the $5 entry cost will be added to the shopping cart process as a “shipping” cost, and your payment method for paying on the day will be called “cash on the day” – that is, you don’t pay anything until the day.

How do I know how much we'll pick?

Fair enough question, but you’ve got a better idea than me. As a guide, a two litre ice cream tub holds about a kilogram of raspberries. Fast pickers will get a kilogram in about 20 minutes, while most people doing a leisurely pick will find it takes closer to an hour.

What if I get my estimate wrong?

Well, you probably will. We won’t call the cops.

Can I come without a ticket?

Sorry, no, please don’t… We’re trying to make it a nice experience for the people who commit to it and it’s got to be first come, first served – via the website, not the farm gate!

What should I bring?

Containers (shallow ones are better for transport), sunscreen, hat, sturdy shoes, sunnies, raincoat, drinking water. There’s an outhouse loo onsite.

Can you tell me more about your raspberries?

Yup, if you’re interested, you can find more info right here.


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