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Blackcurrants hold up to freezing a lot better than most fruits – their skins are relatively thick and leathery, and unless you’re planning to buy half a ton of them and store them in a bulk bin, you won’t have any real problems with the fruit being mushy after thawing. They do lose some of their ‘pertness’, but nothing like raspberries, for example. It’s also important to note that the berries will separate easily when frozen. So if you buy a 16kg box, you won’t have to use 16kg in one hit – just push the berries around a bit and they’ll fall apart very nicely; indeed, sometimes they behave like IQF berries (or – perhaps more familiarly – frozen peas) even when they’re not. So you can take what you need to use and pop the rest back in the freezer.

We grow the “white bud” variety which was preferred for juicing. The berries will hold on well when ripe, rather than falling immediately, which means the entire sample of fruit is more likely to have a uniform ripeness rather than being interspersed with green and semi-ripe berries.

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Weight 16 kg
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